Video Conferencing

Please refer to the Zoom page on the PGCPS Remote Teaching Site for resources.

Instructional Staff

Beginning July 2, accounts for instructional staff will be upgraded from Basic to the Licensed version, which will include:

  • Extended recording time
  • Breakout rooms
  • 300 person limit

Central Office Staff

To prioritize licenses for instructional staff, Central Office staff members are encouraged to use Webex for video-conferencing. In cases where Webex does not meet the needs of the event or program, Central Office staff may request an upgrade to a PGCPS Zoom Licensed account by completing the Central Office: Zoom Licensed Account Request - SY21 form.


Accounts will be regularly monitored for usage. Business accounts not being used will be reverted to a Basic account.

Remember that your PGCPS Zoom accounts should only be for official PGCPS purposes only.

Configure your account

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