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Please refer to the Zoom page on the T3 Website for resources.

New Version of Zoom App for Chromebooks Coming 11/8

Zoom is decommissioning the current Zoom Chromebook app in favor of a new type known as the Zoom for Chromebook PWA app. IT will push out the PWA app and set it as the default joining option in the Zoom console. The PWA app provides access to more features and settings. Learn More.

Date of Change: Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022

Impacted Users: Students and staff with Chromebooks

User Action: May require users to restart the device. The PWA icon will look similar to the current icon. It will change from a circle to a rounded square.


If students are having trouble logging into your Zoom sessions, please try the following:
  • Create and share new links - especially if you are using links for recurring meetings.
  • Have your students reset their PGCPS passwords. This can be done with the help of your password manager OR students can reset it themselves. Learn more here:

Remember that your PGCPS Zoom accounts should only be for official PGCPS purposes only.

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